The best places to discover marine wildlife

The best places to discover marine wildlife

The best places to discover marine wildlife

The marine life is full of mysterious facts that many people cannot discover. The sea holds diverse hidden creatures that build the incredible ecosystem running under the vast blue water. You'd probable think of experiencing the different mysteries of the world's seas.

Which places are the best to discover marine wildlife?

  • Sea of Cortez, Mexico

It is situated between the west coast of Mexico and the long Baja Peninsula. People call this sea "the world's aquarium". The sea is home to a dozen of whale species. From spinner dolphins, eagle rays, sea lions to hammerhead sharks roam along this sea area. Besides, the sea is also home to many curious tropical fish. A large number of divers fish species from different countries choose Sea of Cortez to be their destination for underwater adventures.

  • Komodo, Indonesia

It is famous for its largest lizard species, but it is also home to a variety of undersea species that play a very important role in the island's tourism. The Komodo region is situated about 230 miles Eas of Bali. One of the reasons that Komodo region still keeps the incredible marine creatures is the existence of national park and the UNESCO that protect most of the region's species. Seahorses, skeleton shrimps, dugong, sea apples are among the most common animal species that you can discover here.

  • Crystal River, Florida

If you want to discover the amazing world of manatees, this place is the best destination for you. It is situated in Florida, in the USA. It is the place where you can swim and play with these gentle marine animals. Manatees can be found throughout the year but they are more abundant during the winter season. Swimming with manatees is a very adventurous and unforgettable activity. Other activities such as snorkeling and diving can also be practiced to focus more on the animals in their habitat.

  • Galapagos, Ecuador

It is a volcanic archipelago situated on the equator. When you discover Galapagos Sea, you can expect to meet a variety of incredible creatures such as shark species, marine iguanas and penguins. Galapagos' iguanas are the only type that feeds on the sea. Many activities are available here to discover more about Galapagos' marine wildlife, for example boating, snorkeling, and diving. They all allow give you incredible adventures during your visit.

  • Utila Island, Honduras

Located about 30 miles from Honduras, it is one of the most common destinations of Snorkelers and divers from many regions and countries. The main reason that attracts adventurers is to discover the largest fish and the huge whale shark. However, the island also has many other marine species that you can discover while diving and snorkeling through the vast and deep sea. Spotted eagle rays, yellow stingrays, whale sharks, queen angelfish, spotted trunkfish, dolphins, hawksbill turtles are among the incredible marine species that you can discover in Utila Island.

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